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Music Lyrics

Come, Let us with Our Lord Arise

1 Come, let us with our Lord arise,
our Lord, who made both earth and skies;
who died to save the world he made,
and rose triumphant from the dead;
he rose, the Prince of life and peace,
and stamped the day forever his.

2 This is the day the Lord has made,
that all may see his love displayed,
may feel his resurrection's power,
and rise again, to fall no more,
in perfect righteousness renewed,
and filled with all the life of God.

3 Then let us render him his own,
with solemn prayer approach his throne,
with meekness hear the gospel word,
with thanks his dying love record,
our joyful hearts and voices raise,
and fill his courts with songs of praise.

Spread O Spread Thou Mighty Word

1 Spread, O spread, almighty word,
spread the kingdom of the Lord,
where the breath of God has given
life to people meant for heaven.

2 Tell them how the Father's will
made the world, and keeps it still;
how his only Son he gave
all from sin and death to save.

3 Tell of our Redeemer's love,
who, for ever to remove
all the guilt that on us lies,
gave himself as sacrifice.

4 Tell them of the Spirit given
now to guide us on to heaven,
strong and holy, just and true,
working both to will and do.

5 Up! the ripening fields you see,
mighty will the harvest be;
but the reapers still are few,
great the work they have to do.

6 Lord of harvest, kind and true,
give us strength to work for you,
till the nations everywhere
see your light, and know your care.

O Christ the Word Incarnate

1 O Word of God incarnate,
O Wisdom from on high,
O Truth unchanged, unchanging,
O Light of our dark sky,
we praise thee for the radiance
that from the hallowed page,
a lantern to our footsteps,
shines on from age to age.

2 The church from her dear Master
received the gift divine,
and still that light she lifteth
o'er all the earth to shine.
It is the golden casket,
where gems of truth are stored;
it is the heav'n drawn picture
Of Christ, the living Word.

3 It floateth like a banner
before God's host unfurled;
it shineth like a beacon
above the darkling world.
It is the chart and compass
that o'er life's surging sea,
'mid mists and rocks and quicksands,
still guides, O Christ, to thee.

4 O make thy church, dear Savior,
a lamp of purest gold,
to bear before the nations
thy true light, as of old.
O teach thy wand'ring pilgrims
by this their path to trace,
'til, clouds and darkness ended,
they see thee face to face.

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