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Altar Guild

Altar & Vestments Upkeep

Keeping the altar and the Pastor looking their best is a work of detail and love.

Serving During Sunday Worship

Sign up to be a crucifer, thurifer, acolyte, readers, ushers, offertory, collect.

   Crucifer - carries cross in procession and other duties including 

   Thurifer - in charge of using incense diffuser and other duties including 

   Acolytes - carries in candles in procession and other duties including 

   Readers - read the Gospel and prayers

   Ushers - give out sermon pamphlet, ready alter rail for communion, manages flow of people to alter

   Offertory - bring, food pantry baskets, bread and wine to alter before communion

   Collect - walk the church with plates to collect offerings from parishioners.

Flowers and Decoration

Donate flowers or holiday decorations in the memory of a loved one or just for a special day. 


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